Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Overwhelming amount of information and sources of information from all over the world. Now that I am over that shock. Using their search features I was able to find a blog site from a previous student in this class and read his blog about this site. Interestingly, I share some of his thoughts. This site, Technorati, has endless possibilities and as a friend of mine used to say, the rabbit paths it takes you down may get you lost! This site is not as user friendly as other sites that we have explored but much of it may have to do with the design. It fits into a nice user world that is looking for quick ways to grab the reader. This site if managed and explored to its fullest would probably be a very valuable tool. No one has tagged kinesology in the past few months. The top 100 blogs and the Technorati authority is useful. They have taken all the homework out of our searches and verify the validity of these blogs. That is always good stuff.

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