Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Linkedln & Plaxo Account

Both accounts were easy to set up and at this point in this course I believe that it has become obvious that there are multiple ways of communicating and dispensing information. These last two accounts, linkedln & plaxo are similiar to the other social networking accounts and at some point you would need to choose one site and make that your primary source of communication. These last two sites are also a way to manage your personal and public business by linking to all the other social networks available. Many of these sites would be excellent social networking sites for regional organizations and as resources for business people who travel the world, I believe the digital portfolio page is a great tool, these are tools, for people to provide potential employers, students and business clients with important information. In terms of my business, high school education, the primary source at this point is still basic email, but the future is fast approaching and these tools give me insight into potential methods to improve communication and thus education.

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