Sunday, June 20, 2010

RSS Feeds

This is the link to my RSS feeds. Wishing all of you fathers a happy fathers day and a great summer. Tom

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Linkedln & Plaxo Account

Both accounts were easy to set up and at this point in this course I believe that it has become obvious that there are multiple ways of communicating and dispensing information. These last two accounts, linkedln & plaxo are similiar to the other social networking accounts and at some point you would need to choose one site and make that your primary source of communication. These last two sites are also a way to manage your personal and public business by linking to all the other social networks available. Many of these sites would be excellent social networking sites for regional organizations and as resources for business people who travel the world, I believe the digital portfolio page is a great tool, these are tools, for people to provide potential employers, students and business clients with important information. In terms of my business, high school education, the primary source at this point is still basic email, but the future is fast approaching and these tools give me insight into potential methods to improve communication and thus education.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Digital Portfolio

Greetings to all my classmates in Kin 710. Today was the last student day at my school and tomorrow is the last teacher day for this school year! This was a tough year with a group of students that tested me every day. The great thing about teaching is you try and make a difference and every year you get new students. Anyways, enough ranting on such a beautiful day, my digital portfolio site is listed below. Once I got going and watched the videos a couple of times it wasn't half bad. Hope your quest goes as well. Best Regards, Tom

Thursday, June 10, 2010

NY Times

The following link may be of interest to some of you and the article on pickle juice is tasty!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Image generator

I believe on this issue I am becoming technology impaired! I have tried several versions but get stuck at various points in the process-especially when they start asking for pay pal! I can see how someone could use this technology for entertainment purposes but I usually use either a clip art download or some of my own pictures to entertain the students. I do not believe that this is something I would use on a regular basis but if properly trained, using one site might be as easy as copy and paste is in regular word documents.


Discussed the use of this technology with our school librarian yesterday. She was aware of it but questioned whether or not this is something that she would use in our school. The enormity of the task of re-listing all the books is the issue.

I am attempting to embed the link to library-thing and that explains the above link. This is based on the section of library thing that allows for a chicklet.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Interesting site for people who enjoy reading and also a great site for professional organizations. Nice to see that it was created right here in Portland, Maine. The search procedure is really simple and it allows you to look at what other people are reading and possibly help you pick out your future reads. This is the link to my site for your info
I have forwarded this link to our schools English department for their review and possible use. Once again, there is much wonderful technology out on the Internet.