Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Social Media Articles

Social Networking by A Weaver and B Morrison-UVA
The article was interesting in that it seemed to sum up all the beliefs, enlighten me on unknown information and pose a perfectly good question. How can all this social networking which is basically "unappreciated by their parents demographic" going to be accepted in the modern workplace? As the article points out the web has created endless opportunities for communication and more will be developed but will this affect face to face communication to the point that this becomes a lost art? I don't believe it will but as educators we question the use of technology and the affect it is having on current high school students. Key to this is the section on facebook, that many current students use to post pictures and communicate. The netiquette and use of this site by potential employers and school administrators for illegal activity is so true. I have seen actual cases in my school where this has occurred. Technology can be a great tool but as this article points out, using it properly is the key.

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