Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Social Media Articles-2

Web, Library, and Teen Services 2.0
Bolan, Canada & Cullin 2007

Great article, informative and eye opening. The component about teen involvement as crucial to the success of technology has not hit my school. This article and its discussion on how progressive libraries are accommodating physical and virtual space; plus what it means to students will be shared with my colleagues. The line on gaming in which they state "contrary to what some may think, gaming is recognized as a literacy activity" would be a great writing prompt for the students. My employer uses a content barrier to catch "bad" students who are playing games and more laptop privileges have been lost due to gaming than anything else. This article tells libraries and schools to embrace the availability of social media and not to banish it! Social media used effectively could very well help students who struggle with conventional school pedagogy and methods. I will stir the pot and see what rises!

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